The Uses of Crushers in the Mining Process

The Uses of Crushers in the Mining Process


Crusher is a machine which is designed to reduce the size of rocks from the big to the smaller ones. In the world of mining, crusher machine is of course so important. Once the rocks are able to be broken and crushed into smaller size, it will be much easier to produce it into other products. Meanwhile, the process of crushing itself has a purpose to liberate the mineral from its residue. There are two main steps of crushing. The first is known as the primary crushing and the second one is namely secondary crushing. So, what are they? Here is the explanation.

Primary Crushing

Primary crushing is basically the way to change the rocks from the bigger size into the small one without doing anything else. It means that other processes like how to soften the rocks and others will be done in secondary crushing. The crushers used in this process are namely jaw crusher and gyratory crusher. Jaw crusher is probably known as the most popular crusher all around the world. It is due to its effectiveness to crush the materials with the power of anti-pressure in crushing even the materials with high levels of hardness up to 320 Mpa. Meanwhile, there is another machine to be used in crushing the materials, it is gyratory crusher. Gyratory crusher consists of a punching machine in the form of cone that is vibrated in a bigger bowl. The angle of cone is already set before it is used so that the large of canal is being narrower when it is near to the surface. There is also a coat that is able to spin on its axis. Meanwhile, the axis is working due to the eccentric bearing placed under its position. Actually, this principle is also done by jaw crusher. However, jaw crusher is used by focusing on how to punch and press the materials.

Secondary Crushing

Secondary crushing refers to the second process of crushing. It is commonly about making the materials smoother like when you want to make it into sand or powder. The crusher machines which are commonly used as those with smaller sizes like cone crusher, hammer mill, and rolls. The crushers used for secondary crushing tends to have angle of cone which is wider. It enables to produce smoother and softer powder spreading on the area of canal which is bigger. The particles produced are then placed on the lowest area under the crusher. Cone crusher is an example of crushers that is able to break the rocks to produce the cubical fractions. Hammer mills, on the other hand, it applies the principle of rotary punching with high acceleration of rpm. Therefore, it is so effective to produce smooth sand and mineral concentrate from rocks like ore, dolomite, and zeolite. Lastly, there is roll crusher that applies the rolling system with high acceleration of rpm. A benefit about using the crusher is related to its ability to crush rocks with high level of hardness like volcano rocks.

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