Vehicle Toys of Building Construction

Vehicle Toys of Building Construction

Vehicle Toys of Building ConstructionThese days, more than two years old children already know a lot of things, especially the internet. And on the internet there are various things. Especially on youtube. Youtube contains a lot of content that is liked from children to adults. And what we are talking about this time is about childern who like to watch youtube. From youtube is children knows and loves toy car building construction. Every morning, spent watching the objects or construction vehicles that people have uploaded on youtube. One of the most attention is the concrete mixer. The unique vehicle is a truck whose back has a large rotating canister that serves to stir cement or concrete. And after often seeing that, the child was asked for a toy car construction. And after doing a search on the internet it turns out there are various kinds of building construction vehicle toys. Among others:

1. Concrete Mixing Toys
This one version of the toy, which we often see is the Brother brand, which is a German-made toy. Brother produces some very precise toys in terms of detail, so that the concrete mixer can be functioned like the original vehicle. The door can be opened, there is a siren, there is a conveyor, there is a tube player, even the stirrer can actually filled the sand and mixed with water to make it like the original vehicle that can do the stirring, then removed through the conveyor.

2. Truck Toys
Transport trucks is toys models that have been since a long time ago, but this type is also still much in take interest by children because of how to play it that is not too complicated like the Concrete Mixer above. Bruder  also produced a model of truck toy carrier. Coward sand, carrier, concrete, wood carrier etc.

3. Crane Vehicle Toys
Not only toys that are well known to children, even cranes that maybe only a few small children who know it also exist. These vehicle are designed to actually function as the original, can transport heavy objects at a certain height. Bruder's product is even higher than the average height of children. Very interesting but this model is the most expensive, probably because of its size is really big.

4. Then the fourth is Dozzer. This familiar tool also has a toy product, and a 1:16 scale of its original size. Dozzer is a tool that serves to push building materials. And what caught the attention of the children was a large blade-shaped object in front that served as a booster. Usually children play it by pushing sand or rocks to clean the area.

5. The latter is an excavator, this toy also looks interesting for children other than cranes, because the most prominent in this model is the existence of objects such as rakes at the end of the vehicle. This can be lengthened or shortened which functions to scratch sand or other objects in order to be moved from one place to another. Even for the Bruder's products, the toys work system is exactly the same as the original, the same as the others who have a 1:16 scale

Well, the above is an explanation of some modern building construction tools not only used for building but also educate children to know their function. It may even be that the above-mentioned toys can trigger your child's talent and favorite in the field of construction.

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